Rugged Accessories for Rugged Solutions 

By combining rugged devices with fitting accessories, you get a complete rugged solution.

AINA PTT Voice Responder

Remote Push-to-Talk control for PTT on iPhone & Android. The AINA PTT Voice Responder is a next generation Bluetooth speaker-microphone that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and Nova Talk. The device is durable with an IP65 and military grade standards. The device offers remote controls functions such as push-to-talk, phone calls, emergency alerts and channel switching so that the users never have to take their phone out of their pocket, while offering outstanding audio quality.

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Klein Valor Remote Speaker Mic

* Professional Series. Rubber overmold. 
* PTT (Push-To-Talk) and speaker combo. 
* 2 Audio ports with locking cams (patent design). 
* Audio Ports are on BOTH Top & Bottom to enable wearing the radio on either the front or the back! Contoured edges for grip and feel. 
* OEM Option: Shadow-V Earpiece with Cam-Locking connector cable. Includes the Battery (K70BATT-1100) and Micro USB Charger (VALOR-CH) in the box at no additional charge. 
* Alternative option: FuelPad® Multiple-Battery Rapid-Rate Charger. 
* 3-Year Warranty.
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Savox PROMATE Remote Speaker Microphone – BTR 155

The Savox Promate Professional Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone provides the freedom to operate hands free with mobile phones that offer the Push To Talk facility. It is light, Robust design to IP55 standard Push To Talk over Cellular functionality in a Remote Speaker Microphone Large buttons for use with gloves Lightweight Includes volume and multi-function buttons Long battery life Supports standard full duplex phone calls Jack socket included for connecting an external earpiece Clothing clip included  Price: please contact us for a quote.

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Savox Promate RSM-30 Remote Speaker Microphone

Designed for feature phones, smartphones and tablets, the Savox Promate RSM-30 is a rugged remote speaker microphone with push-to-talk and full duplex call functionality, large buttons for use with gloves, IP 55 protection level and a variety of optional earpieces to make your work easier. KEY BENEFITS • Superior audio quality • Compatible with many phones, tablets and smartphones Micro USB charger • Full duplex call capability • Push-to-talk functionality • Large buttons for use with gloved hands • Volume control • 3,5mm headset/earpiece connector • Durable (IP55) • Rotating belt clip • Ergonomic • Optimal size
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Blu-PTT Button

Low Energy 4.0 Bluetooth. 2-Year Battery Life.
Blu-PTT is easy to pair, and remotely controls the PTT application running on your smart device. Simply pair, press, and talk!
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