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Single App Multiple Functions

Get all your Group and Individual communication needs in one user friendly app for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets or desktops.

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Turn Your Phone into a Walkie-Talkie

Get the speed and simplicity of Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications with the ability to share multimedia information at the touch of one button.

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Key Features

• Group and Private PTT Calls
• Real-time Presence
• Do not disturb
• Background Calling
• Voice Message Fallback
• Text Messaging
• Video, Phone and File Sharing
• Geo-fencing
• Data and File Exchange

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Professional Desktop Dispatch Console

Grants users a fully featured dispatch solution which brings the TASSTA solution to the highest professional level of communication.

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Lone Worker Protection

• Man Down
• No Movement Alarm
• Periodic Check
• Emergency Call
• Remote Camera/Recording
• Crisis Team

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Indoor Localization

• The continuous collection of information about the location of personnel in high-rise buildings and underground structures.
• Detailed maps on the floors, individual buildings, structures, zones.
• Locations of staff and display on the map of the building in real time.
• Supported by the main TASSTA-CLIENTS - T.FLEX and T.RODON.
• Location accuracy to within one meter.
• Integration with the emergency call function.
• Built-in measuring and training system.
• The deployment of the system in the shortest possible time.

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Task Manager

• Distribute tasks (to one or multiple users) 
• Specify tasks while sending files
• Different order types and priority
• More efficient…..

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Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT)

TASSTA offers a professional Push-To-Talk solution which uses all technical capacities of the Sonim Smartphones. T.Flex application and special hardware operational buttons on the Sonim devices are able to provide the best possible safety for an everyday operation.

TASSTA’s T.Flex makes it possible to organize a professional PTT communication platform in hazardous environments (e.g. oil and gas plants, chemical plants, mining, Police, Fire Brigade, Rescue organisation, Military, Airport, Security, Logistics, Hospitality, Agriculture etc.).

TASSTA extends capabilities and allows users to operate on cellular networks around the world. It works over LAN, WiFi or/and any mobile network (e.g. 3G, LTE) while allowing users a maximum connectivity. Sonim's accessories allow the dual-use of the smartphone in DMR, P25 or TETRA Networks. a description here.

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